Your partner for sustainability


We know the whole range of fabric and garment suppliers – the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ve seen who takes care of the planet, their employees and their communities. Those who don’t no longer get any business from ARP.

That’s the minimum. Our commitment to sustainability means we don’t place your order with any company that’s doing harm.

As well, ARP’s knowledge and in-depth relationships with responsible manufacturers lets you do even more. We will find the right suppliers for you – those who’ve demonstrated that they will meet or exceed your sustainability standards.

You’ll be assured you’re dealing with businesses that have earned their certifications for environmental care and social responsibility. And, over and above that, you’ll know that ARP experts are constantly monitoring to prevent any concerns about compliance.


Explore your full potential


Get the most from ARP by calling on us before your designers and developers start their work.

We’ll help you with our research about all the cost and supply factors you care about. And we’ll help you help your team with information on new technical capabilities, news about trends we’re starting to see, ideas from our own design team, and much more.

Lets’s Do Business!

ARP has made a science of the systems and services you need to give you complete control over your quality and your costs.


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